Bumper Sale at Kaunsa.com on Online Shopping

Bumper Sale at Kaunsa.com

These days online shopping is the modern method of shopping. It is the cheapest than ordinary shopping in market, also it save you time. You can purchase any goods or products anytime, anywhere. The growth of this is very fast in Year 2012, it soars to new height and revenue touch Seventy five thousand Six Hundred (75600) Crore Indian Rupees and could touch One Lac Eighty Three Six hundred (183600) Crore Indian Rupees. Kaunsa.com offers Bumper sale on online shopping. It provides maximum flat 80% discount on regular price in this sale. All products are totally shipping free across all over India.

In this offer you can find two offers, that one is day wise offer and other one is “Happy Hour” or time base deal. In day wise deal you can on Saturday you can get Flat 60% off on sweater. On Tuesday you can get Flat 40% discount on wristwatches and on Thursday you can get Flat 30% off on mobiles and tablets. The other one “Happy Hours”, you can get extra special discount on every purchasing between 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM every day, this deals is remain live for two hours daily. So logon to Kaunsa.com and avail the benefit of this Bumper Sale.

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