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Are you like Online Shopping or heavy shopper? It good time for registration on India’s cheapest online store It provides discount coupon voucher worth Rs. 2000/- (two thousand Indian Rupees) as signup bonus at time of registration on this website. The online shopping is very effective; it is the modern format of purchasing. It is so popular because it is cheap than buying goods from open market, also it save the time, no need to go outside. Buy any product via Internet. After successful registration on kaunsa, you will receive a greeting mail along with concession coupon code from this online Shop.

Discount Voucher at Kaunsa.comThis discount voucher coupon is unique to you and use this for purchasing all product which are available at It is remain valid for sixty days from the registration date. Use this coupon code in the multiple of 50, 100, 200 and 500 Indian Rupees or can be used up to 40 times maximum for a total amount of Rs.2000/-. For each single transaction the redeemable amount is Rs.500/- maximum. Use the Coupon for Rs.50/- off on purchasing above Rs.450, Rs.100 off in shopping of Rs.4500 and above, Rs.200/- discount on purchase of Rs.10000 and above. Use voucher of Rs.500 on the purchasing of Rs.20000/- and above at So sign up right now and enjoy smart shopping.

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